Deleting Files

How to Delete Documents

As a whole, we don’t usually recommend deleting uploaded documents, as they may be necessary in years going forward. However, mistakes happen and sometimes we need to get rid of an extraneous file.¬†NOTE – Before deleting any potentially important information be sure to consult your Coach regarding document deletion prior to performing it yourself. Below outlines how to delete files.

Let’s pretend that you uploaded a BAA two times under the same profile. This would be a circumstance where it is absolutely fine to delete the extra file. To do so, please navigate to Tracking, then Documents. From there, click once on the folder labeled Vendor Contracts. Your two files will now be present in the middle of the screen.

Click on the extra document and it will highlight black. A box with details about said document will show to the very bottom of the screen. The button you are looking for is in that detail box to the bottom right and is labeled Delete Selected File (there is a red X through a piece of paper, if knowing what the icon looks like will help). Upon clicking Delete Selected File, you will receive a prompt asking if you are sure you wish to delete. You would select OK. The document would then disappear from the list which shows.

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