Report a New Incident (Aside from the Main Screen)

First, hover over ‘Auditing’ and select where it says ‘Incidents’ in the dropdown.

You will now have the option to title the incident, label the type of incident it was via the ‘Incident Type’ tab, list any Vendors associated via the ‘Vendor Reported’ field. ‘Reported By’ allows you to remain anonymous or document your name within this area, date the incident, and list when it was actually discovered.

Incident Manager

If this incident affected 500 or more individuals check the corresponding box to the right. ‘Investigation Status’ allows you to place the ‘Incident Under Investigation,’ list it as ‘Investigation Complete, Incident Requires Remediation,’ or ‘Investigation Complete, Incident Deemed Invalid (no further actions required).’ Once you have typed your description of the incident in the corresponding field, click ‘Save New Incident.’ The incident(s) now show on the bottom of the screen, beneath ‘Reported Incidents,’ where you may filter them by ‘View Both Open and Closed Incidents,’ ‘View Open Incidents Only,’ or ‘View Closed Incidents.’

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