Upload Staff Confidentiality Agreements

Each member of your Direct Staff will need to sign a Confidentiality Statement. As opposed to the way which you upload a Vendor’s Confidentiality Agreement, you would want to go a slightly different route for your Direct Staff.

Rather than entering the ‘Vendors’ tab, you will first want to access the ‘Document Repository.’ You are able to do this by hovering over the tab ‘Tracking’ and selecting ‘Documents (Version Control)’ from the drop down.

While inside the ‘Document Repository’ you will want to click the folder labeled ‘Confidentiality Agreements’ until the file folder next to it shows green to indicate it is open.

With the ‘Confidentiality Agreements’ folder open, select ‘Upload’ to the bottom-left and a little yellow window will appear.

Within the yellow window that shows you are able to select where the file is on your computer via the ‘Local File’ field. Place a prefix of CA ahead of the Staff Members name in both the ‘Document Title’ and ‘Description’ fields. The ‘Enactment Date’ would be the day which the agreement was signed and the ‘Review Date’ is not terribly important in this circumstance. Push it out to a day in the distant future and hit ‘Upload Document.’

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This ties back to The Seven Fundamental Elements of an Effective Compliance Program by, “Developing effective lines of communication,” as well as, “Enforcing standards through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines.”