The Stages of Compliance

AIM Implementation Process Overview

Our goal is to simplify the process of compliance. You will attend several coaching calls with small assignments, usually 1-2 hours of work to prepare for your next meeting.


◈Review the “Welcome Kit” – Watch the introduction videos

◆ Welcome to Compliancy Group – The Guard

◆ The Guard AIM Process

 Initial Coaching Call


◆ Help your coach understand your organization and expectations

◆ Add additional Administrators as needed

◆ Who are the Security, Compliance, or Privacy Officers

◆ How do you address your security? Internal or external

◆ How to login to The Guard and an overview of the solution

◆ Overview of the assessment process

◆ Business associate management

◆Complete required self and manual assessments


◆ “Guard Overview and How to Guide”

◆ External assessments – “HIPAA Required Audits”

◆ Business associate and confidentiality agreements

Working Coaching Call


◆ About identified gaps and how to remediate them

◆ About the security and privacy policy and procedure templates

◆ How the training and attestation process works


◆ The pre-built security and privacy policy templates

◆ Add your staff to the process

◈ Send the “Employee Training Overview” to your employees

◆ Run and review training reports


◆ “HIPAA Security Policy and Procedure Manual”

◆ “HIPAA Privacy Policy and Procedure Manual”

◆ “Employee Training Overview” document

Seal of Compliance Review Call

Verify & Validate 

◆ Your coach will review your work

◆ Issue your Seal of Compliance

◆ Place your Seal of Compliance on your website and company literature

◆ The Seal of Compliance is critical to illustrate your good faith effort to       satisfy HIPAA law and regulations


◆ Learn about the various reports and tracking


◆ Congratulations you’re done with meetings!

◆ HIPAA compliance is an ongoing process that must be reassessed annually.  To simplify annual requirements, The Guard will provide the direction you need to maintain your compliance

Our goal is to simplify compliance if at any time you have an issue, incident, breach, or audit, please contact your coach or send an email to